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Brown Hearty Clay #3001 6915

Flesh Hearty Clay #3003 0920

White Hearty Clay #3000 6454

Black Hearty Clay #7785 6013

Red Hearty Clay3003 0921

Yellow Hearty Clay #7785 6021

Hearty Clay Color Scale Tool #7785 6054

3-piece Hearty Clay Shaping Tool Set #7736 1006

Tacky Glue #7760 9875

Wood Mini Sticks #7767 6593

Wooden spring closure clothespin #7767 6486

Low temp glue gun and glue sticks


Mix 2 “I” balls of flesh Hearty Clay and 2 “F” balls of brown Hearty Clay to make a lighter brown for the bear. Mix clay together well.

Measure out an “I” ball of the light brown clay. Shape clay into a triangular shape about 1” high for the body. Measure out 2 “G” balls of light brown clay for the legs. Shape into teardrops and place below the body. Push the wide ends up a little to look like feet.

Measure out an “H” ball of light brown clay for the head. Roll into a ball and attach to the top of the triangular body. Use a mini craft stick and/or tacky glue if necessary.

Measure out 2 “D” balls of light brown clay for the ears. Attach to either side of the top of the head. Measure out a “C” ball of white clay for the muzzle. Flatten ball a little then place on the lower half of the bear’s head.

Measure out an “A” ball of black Hearty Clay. Divide in half. Take one half and roll into a ball for the nose. Place on top of the muzzle. Take the remaining piece and divide in half again. Roll each piece into a tiny ball for the eyes. Place on the face above the muzzle.

Measure out a “G” ball of yellow Hearty Clay. Flatten ball and shape into a piece about 1” x 1”. Fold ends to the middle to form the “chip bag”. Use the Hearty clay tool edge to make tiny marks on either end of the bag for detailing. Place the bag onto the bear’s body. Measure out a “C” ball of red Hearty Clay. Roll clay into a short log. Cut off ends and shape into a small “C” to place on the bag. Attach to the front of the bag.

Measure out 2 “E” balls of the light brown clay. Shape each into teardrops about ” long for the arms. Slightly curve each arm. Place one arm reaching into the bag. Place the other arm over the mouth as if eating. Let bear dry. Glue the back of the bear to the wooden clothespin. Clip to the opened bags of snacks to keep snacks fresh.

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