Snowball Fight in a Can


Gallon clear pail 30064733

Snow balls 4in 30086601

Six - 3 ft Ribbons assorted designs (for handle)

One - Christmas paper 8.5x5.5in choice of design

One-Christmas paper 9x6in choice of design

One-Vellum white 8.5x11in 77188862

Meriken double-stick tape

Vellum adhesive 3L runner 30051734



Diagram 1





1. Use the computer and printer to print the wording on the vellum. Trim vellum to size 8x5in. …Snowball Fight in a Can… …[Local Style]…Just add the fun!...

2. Use the double-stick tape to adhere the 2 Christmas paper together. Use the vellum adhesive to adhere the printed vellum on top of the Christmas papers.

3. Fill the pail with snowballs.

4. Cut ribbons into 4-inch piece and tie the ribbons on the handle.



2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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