Snowflake Card


8” ½ x 11” vellum sheet

12” x 5”Ύ double mates paper ocean blue #30056330

10” x 1 1”/4 strip of double mates paper ocean blue #30056330 Vellum tape #30055752

James Buttons snowflakes Glue dots #30001510



Bone folder #30055752

Paper trimmer #30065909


Accucut machine Snowflake #4 small


With your 12” x5” Ύ sheet of paper laying horizontally score at these measurements: 4”1/8, 8” Ύ, 11” ½ . At the 4” 1/8 score fold paper in. At the 8 Ύ score fold in creating the card. At the 11 ½ score fold back showing the inside color.


Cut 2 snowflakes with vellum in the die cut machine. Place one entire snowflake on the card portion that measures 5 Ύ x 4 x1/8 with vellum tape. Cut the other snowflake in half and attach it to the top portion of the card. This will make the snowflake appear whole when the card is shut.


Take the strip of paper that measures 10” x 1” Ό and score 1”3/4 and 6”1/4. Fold in at these scores creating a “slide” for the card.. Tape shut and place a snowflake to embellish..  


© 2006 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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