Snowman Candy Jar


 Project by Joy







Plain Ivy Bowl #7798 1787

5” Bubble Bowl #7777 4604

6” Bubble Bowl #7777 4612

White Acrylic Paint #7762 4882

Sparkle Glaze #7785 5908

2 – 15mm Moving Eyes #3005 5159

1” x 1 ˝” Black Foamie #7761 3620

2” x 2” Red Foamie #7761 3604

5” x 5” Black Felt #7767 6643

2 ˝ “ x 2 ˝” Black Felt

2” x 7” Black Felt

2 – Brown Chenille stems #7767 4085

Orange Hearty Clay #3003 0918

Hearty Clay Color Scale #7785 6054

Hearty Clay 3-pc. Tool Set #7736 1006

1” Foam Brush #10109

Sea Sponge #7751 4083

Low Temp Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

Optional: Christmas picks and berries to decorate the hat and plastic candy canes to hang on the arms.




Make sure the glass pieces are clean and completely dry before starting your project.


Using the foam brush, paint the outside of all of the glass bowls with the white acrylic paint. Let dry. Use the sea sponge to dab a coat of Sparkle Glaze over the white paint to seal. Let dry.


Cut out all of the pieces from foamie according to the patterns. For the snowman’s head, turn the smallest glass bowl upside down. Place the five black circles in a semi circle near the bottom edge to make the snowman’s smiling mouth. Glue in place. Place a heart “cheek” at the top edge on either side of the mouth and glue in place.


Using the Hearty Clay Color Scale tool, measure out “H” ball of orange Hearty clay. Roll the clay into rounded cone about 1 1/2“ long. Use the Hearty clay tool to make some lines around the cone so it will look more like a carrot. Flatten the larger end of the cone and glue this end to the snowman’s face for a “carrot” nose. Place the two moving eyes above the nose and glue in place.


Place the medium bubble bowl onto the top of the largest bowl. Place the snowman’s head onto the medium bowl.


To make the hat, cut out all of the pieces from the black felt according to the patterns. Take the 2” x 7” strip and roll into a tube overlapping the short edges. Glue edges together. Squeeze a line of glue along the inside of one of the open ends of the tube. Place the glued edge in the center of the 2 ˝” felt square. Using the tube edge as a guide, trim off the excess felt to make the top of the hat. Squeeze a line of glue along the inside of the remaining open end of the tube. Place the glued edge in the center of the 5” circle. Pull and stretch along the edge of the 5” circle to form a wavy edge. Place the hat onto the top of the snowman’s head and glue in place. Optional: You can cut some greenery and berries from a pick and glue to the brim of the hat for decoration.


Place the large red heart onto the upper left area of the middle bowl and glue in place.


Twist the brown chenille stems into “twig” arms and glue one on either side of the middle

bowl of the snowman. Optional: You can hang plastic candy canes from the snowman’s arms.


Fill the bottom two bowls with treats.

© 2006 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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