Snowman Centerpiece



5⅓” Crimp Top Ivy Bowl #7777 4695

4” Glass Bubble Ball #7777 4596

White Acrylic Paint #7762 4882

Sparkle Glaze #7785 5908

1” Foam Brush #7752 7499

2 – 20 mm Moving Eyes #7766 0878

Pink Foamie # 7761 3596

Black Foamie #7761 3620

Orange Chenille Stem #7767 4432

Pink Chenille Stem #7767 4176

Yellow Chenille Stem #7767 4200

2 – 1” Green Pom Poms #3000 6987

Purple Foamie #7761 3497

Royal Blue Foamie #7761 3489

Yellow Foamie #7761 3505

⅛” Hole Punch #7717 8541

Red Foamie #7761 3604

Orange Embroidery Floss #7763 7827

Orchid Purple Felt #7767 7609

Lime Green Felt #7756 4153

Shocking Pink Felt #7767 6650

Low Temp Glue gun and glue sticks


Wash both glass bowls. Make sure they are completely dry before beginning. Using the foam brush, paint the outside of both bowls with the white acrylic paint. Let dry.

Using the foam brush, add a coat of Sparkle Glaze over the white paint. Let dry.

Trace and cut out the pieces from felt and foamies according to the patterns.

Using the ⅛” hole punch, make 4 holes into the purple, blue and yellow button circles. Thread the orange floss through the holes as if sewing a button. Tie floss ends together and trim off excess. Position the foamie buttons vertically onto the crimp top ivy bowl and glue in place. Glue the red heart to the upper left of the buttons.

Turn the bubble ball upside down and place on top of the crimp top ivy bowl for the snowman’s head. Glue the 2 moving eyes to the face. Take the orange chenille stem and twist into a cone for a carrot nose. Glue to the center of the face below the eyes. Position the black foamie circles below the nose for a smile. Glue in place. Glue a pink heart on either side of the smile for cheeks.

Take the pink and yellow chenille stems and twist together into a stripe. Cut length to about 8”. Glue each end of the chenille to either side of the head. Glue a green pom pom over each end of the chenille stem to complete the earmuffs.

Take the 2 strips of purple felt. Align lengthwise and overlap about ”. Glue to pieces together. Pull felt to lengthen and shape. Wrap around the top of the crimp ivy bowl. Knot on one side; tri if necessary. Use a little glue to hold in place. Snip ends to create fringe. Randomly place the pink and green dots. Glue dots in place.

Fill bowl with candy and use as a centerpiece!

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