Snowman Gift Tag


10” x 14” Plastic Ben Franklin Crafts bag Fiberfill
2 – 10 mm Moving eyes
White chenille stem
Orange chenille stem
Black fun foam
Red fun foam
Low temp glue gun & glue sticks
6” of ribbon or cording for hanger
Choice of: plastic snowflake ornament Christmas pick, greenery

Optional: 2 – 1” pom poms & 6” chenille stem


Cut the sides and bottom of the plastic bag. Take the white side of the bag and place some fiberfill in the middle of the bag, gather up bag to form a ball. Twist a white chenille stem around the gathers to secure, cut off the excess plastic bag. Turn over to the smooth side of the ball; this is the snowman’s face.

Glue the eyes onto the face. Take about 2 “ of the orange chenille stem and twist into a carrot nose, glue below the eyes. Take the black fun foam and cut ¼” circles for the “coal” mouth. Cut 2 hearts from the red fun foam for cheeks.

Take the printed side of the bag and cut off the handle straight across. Roll and fold the bag with the printed side out. Loosely tie into a “scarf” and glue below the snowman’s face.

Glue a plastic snowflake ornament or some Christmas pick/greenery over the gathered opening behind the snowman’s face to hide the opening. Tie a ribbon hanger from the snowflake. Optional: You can give your snowman ear muffs by gluing 6” of chenille stem over the top of the head, from side to side. Then glue 1” pom poms over the stem ends on either side.

Now your snowman is ready to hang onto a tree or a present!

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