Snowman Glass Blocks

2 qty. 7 ” Glass Blocks #30086549
1 qty. Snowman Vinyl decoration set #30099892
1 qty. Iridescent Snowflakes 4 oz. package #30076257
1 qty. Snowflakes – White 3 Qt. package #77355487
1 qty. Ornament – Iridescent Snowflakes 4” – 12ct. #30060089
1 qty. Stand for Glass Block #30090219
2 yds. 2 ” wide Holiday ribbon
Rubbing Alcohol or similar for cleaning the glass block
Plastic bag or container

Sharp Scissors




Clean the glass blocks with the rubbing alcohol or similar. Let blocks dry completely.


Follow the manufacturer’s directions for applying the snowman vinyl to the glass blocks. The face and nose goes on one block and the three “coal” buttons go on the second block.


Take the plastic bag or container and pour in the white snowflakes. Add the package of iridescent snowflakes. Mix together.


Carefully pour the mixture into the two glass blocks. Roll up a scratch piece of paper and use as a funnel to make it easier. As you add the mixture, place a few of the 4” snowflake ornaments inside the glass blocks. Place them flush against the glass so that you will be able to see them. Keep filling until both glass blocks are full.


Place the block with the face on it on top of the other block. You may glue them together if you wish to make it sturdier. Place the ribbon around the sides of both blocks and tie them together, knotting on one side. Make a bow with the remaining ribbon and attach at the knot.


You can also use clear tape and wrap around the blocks where they join. If you do this, use the ribbon as a scarf and tie around this area, hiding the tape.


Place the finished snowman into the black metal stand.

2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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