Snowman Treat Sack



8” x 11” White Cardstock

2” x 6” Black Cardstock

1” x1” Orange Cardstock

1” x 2” Green Cardstock

1” x 2” Blue Cardstock

1” x 1” Red Cardstock

1/8” 0r 1/16” Hole Punch

Tacky Glue

X-Acto knife




Trace and cut out pieces from cardstock according to the pattern 1 and pattern 2. Hint: You can make copies of the sack pattern onto the cardstock instead of tracing the design.

After cutting out the sack pattern from the white cardstock, score the indicated fold lines with a stylus. Use the X-acto knife to make the slit in the tab as indicated. Fold the box up by pushing in the side triangular section and aligning the circular edges. Slip the tab into the slot to hold bag together. The side without the tab will be the face.

Position the black hat on a slight angle at the top f the face and glue in place. Glue the 3 holly leaves to one side of the hat. Use the hole puncher to punch out at least 5 berries from the red cardstock. Glue onto the center of the leaves.

To make this snowman’s face whimsical, you will free hand cut circles for the eyes and mouth. Cut out 2 circles about 5/8” diameter from blue cardstock. Glue below the hat for the eyes. Cut out two circles about 1’/2” diameter from white cardstock and glue on top of the blue circles. Next cut out seven circles about 5/8” diameter from black cardstock. Glue to black circles onto the whites of the eyes. Glue the orange carrot nose below the eyes. Position the remaining black circles into a smile below the carrot. Glue in place. No you can fill your treat sack!

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