Snowman Wreath


1 – 12” Box Wreath Frame #77479576
1 – 18” Box Wreath Frame #77479584
1 pkg – White Chenille Stems #77674382
1 Roll – 21”X 10yrds Clear/White Floral Wrap #30104485
1 Roll – 4”X 25yrds White Laser Iridescent Ribbon #30115866
1 – 4” Styrofoam Ball #30117677
1 – 3” Styrofoam Ball #30117676
1 – 4”X 2” Styrofoam Cone #30082970
5 – 2” Black Pompoms #30006995
1 Roll – 2 1/2”X 10yrds Plaid Wired Ribbon #30075360
1 – Kelly Green Felt Square #30061431
1 – Orange Chenille Stem #77674432
4 – Black Chenille Stems #77669721

Americana Acrylic Paint – “Tuscan Red” #30119161
Delta Ceram coat Acrylic Paint – “Tangerine” #77627836
Delta Ceram coat Acrylic Paint – “Black” #77624890
Sponge Brush #10109
Hot Glue Gun #77536425
Hot Glue Sticks #77533638
Wire Cutter
Skewer or skinny dowel
Long Blade Xacto Knife or Serrated Bread Knife



1. Cut & Paint. Paint the 4” Styrofoam Ball, using the Sponge Brush and the Americana “Tuscan Red” paint. (Tip – place ball on covered table and poke the skewer or skinny dowel into the ball, to hold it still. Then paint around skewer until almost all the ball is covered. Then lift ball and continue to paint the bottom of the ball.)

2. Continue painting, the 3” Styrofoam ball with the Black Paint and the Styrofoam Cone with the Tangerine paint, using the same technique. Set aside and let dry.
3. Trace & Cut. Cut out the pattern of the mitten and trace it onto the Kelly Green Felt square. (Tip – fold the felt in half, trace and cut. That way you only trace and cut once but get 2 exact pieces.)
4. To make the Cuff of the mitten, cut two pieces of 3 ” long Plaid Wired Ribbon. Fold and hot glue the raw edges under to the wrong side of ribbon. (Tip – use a thick cardstock scrap to press down on hot glued ends. This will keep your fingers from burning, be careful heat could still go through.) Then fold ribbon in half, length wise to sandwich the felt mitten end into it. Hot glue all three sides of the ribbons together.
5. Wrap. With the wire cutter, cut the 24 pieces of White Chenille stems in half, except one. Leave one long for the wreaths hanger.
6. Starting on the 12” Wreath Frame. Take the White Floral Wrap and cut 24” length strips using the whole roll. Make 2 loops with strip; fold it in half, with loops together; then gather the bottom of the loops and wrap it with the chenille stems. (It should look like a flower with a wire stem facing down.) Now tie it down to the wreath form. (Tip – Leave some spaces in between, for the White Laser Iridescent Ribbon loops.)
7. When the whole wreath is covered in white floral wrap loops, make ribbon picks out of the White Laser Iridescent Ribbon. Again, make 8”-10” loops of the ribbon and cut. Tie it with white chenille stem with the same technique. Then tie loops down to the wreath form in between the floral wrap loops. This creates a fuller and sparkly look.
8. Now do the same loop technique to the 18” Wreath Frame. When you are done, take 2 white chenille stems and tie the two wreaths together on the backside. Then take the long white chenille stem and fold in half. Tie the open ends onto the top of the 12” wreath form for the hanger.
9. The Face. To make the eyes and ears, use the blade or serrated knife to cut the 3” black Styrofoam ball and the 4” red Styrofoam ball in half. (Tip – Do a sawing, back and forth motion, not pushing the blade straight down or it will crush the ball.) Take the black halved balls and hot glue them onto the floral wrap loops, of the 12” wreath, where the eyes should be.
10. Then take the 4 black chenille stems and twist all the ends together to create a long strand. You can bend the strand in 2” intervals to create a zigzag effect of the band for the ear muffs. Place some hot glue onto the ends and poke them into the 2 red halved balls. Then hot glue the ball halves to sides of the 12” wreath on the floral wrap loops, where the ears should be.
11. Take the orange chenille stem and poke it through the wider base of the orange Styrofoam cone. (Tip – you can hot glue the chenille stem ends that stick out of the cone, just to secure the stem to the cone.) Then place the cone on the 12” wreath, where the nose should be and wrap the chenille stem around the wreath.
12. For the mouth, take the 5 black pompoms and hot glue them on the floral wrap of the 12” wreath where the mouth should be.
13. Then hot glue the 2 mittens to the floral wrap of the 18” wreath where the hands should be.
14. Lastly, for the scarf, wrap the wired plaid ribbon around the neck of the snowman, where the two wreaths are wired together. Cut ends of ribbon in a fish tale design. Tie a knot on the side of the neck. Let the ends hang down in front and in back of the wreath.
15. Optional , you can stick a green glittered floral picks into the knot of the scarf.



2011 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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