Sparkling Snowflake Card



FISKARS® Parchamoré Crafting System Starter Set 
FISKARS® Parchamoré Stencil Set Snowflakes 
FISKARS® Parchamoré Parchment Paper Pack 
FISKARS® Mini ShapeBoss™ Starter Set 
FISKARS® Mini ShapeBoss™ Stencil Set Noel 
FISKARS® ShapeCutter™ Tool 
FISKARS® ShapeTemplate™ Tool - Squares-1 w/Deckle Border 
FISKARS® ShapeTemplate™ Tool - Rectangles-1 w/Majestic Border 
FISKARS® Self-Healing Craft Mat 12.5"x12.5" 
FISKARS® Hand Punch - 1/16" Circle 
FISKARS® 12"/30cm Euro Personal Paper Trimmer 
White sparkle card stock 12 x 12 
Silver paper 
Three mini silver brads 
Perfect Medium™ brush pen 
Silver PearlEx or perfect pearls powder 
Kreinik silver metallic thread 
3D foam mounting squares, cello tape, 
wax paper, sewing needle, small paintbrush 



  1. Using ShapeCutter™ and squares template cut a 3” square from parchment and silver paper.
  2. Place foam pad onto Mini ShapeBoss™ system.
  3. Place snowflake stencil #1 onto pegs. Align parchment under snowflake on right side. Remove stencil, tape parchment to pad. Rub parchment with wax paper.
  4. Replace stencil #1 onto pad. Outline snowflake on right using fine tip. Remove stencil. Pierce the motives farthest from center once at each point and in between each.
  5. Place stencil #2 onto pad. Outline circles with fine tip and emboss with large tip. Remove stencil.
  6. Place stencil #3 onto pad. Outline with fine tip. Pierce following template using piercing tip. Remove stencil.
  7. Apply perfect medium to center of snowflake using brush pen. Apply pearl powder on top using small paintbrush.
  8. To this point have been working on the back. Turn parchment over; place silver paper behind with parchment in a diamond orientation and silver in a square orientation. Pierce through center of both layers. Adhere brad from front to back, fold prongs over.
  9. Place panel onto foam pad right side up. Following piercing on parchment, pierce through holes a second time to create openings on silver paper for stitching.
  10. Thread needle with a 36” length of silver thread. Pull thread from back to front through hole #1 (refer to stitching diagram). Leave a 1” tail at back, secure to back with cello tape.
  11. Continue stitching around piece in numerical order. (refer to diagram) Once complete secure thread to back with tape, trim thread. Note: at any time if you need to start with a new piece of thread cut thread and secure at back with tape, begin again as in step 10.
  12. Using paper trimmer cut card stock to 6” x 12”. Score with scoring blade at 6” and fold in half. May be created as a top or side fold card.
  13. Adhere snowflake panel to center of card front. Point of parchment square will be approximately 1/16” away from card edge.
  14. Create greeting panel by cutting two 3” x 1 ˝” rectangles from parchment and silver paper using ShapeCutter™ and rectangles template.
  15. Tape parchment rectangle onto foam pad. Rub parchment with wax paper. Place “Noel” top stencil on parchment. Outline and emboss letters with medium tip and fine tip for smaller areas.
  16. Trim Ľ” from each side of silver rectangle. Adhere to front of parchment rectangle.
  17. Punch 1/16” hole on each side, insert silver brads.
  18. Adhere to center lower portion of card front with 3D foam mounting squares placed behind silver areas.

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