Spinner Card


5 x 8 double-sided printed cardstock for card

4 x 5 coordinating print cardstock for lining

12 of Unwaxed Dental floss

2 pcs. of 2 x 2 cardstock for center spinner

5mm Double stick tape #3001 3283

Clear Scotch tape


3 Circle Punch #3002 8761 or

Fiskars Ultra ShapeXpress #3000 5220and circle templates #7739     0583

Cutting Mat #3006 5911

2 circle #3002 8738 or heart #3002 8735 punch

Paper Creaser #3000 3774




Use the paper creaser to fold 5 x 8 printed cardstock in half to create the card base. Open the card and use the 3 circle punch or the Ultra ShapeXpress and circle templates to make a cutout on the front of the card. To do this, center the punch along the top edge of the front of the card and punch out the circle. If using the Ultra ShapeXpress, place the card on the mat, center the 3 circle from the template on the front of the card and cut out with the cutter.

Take the 4 x 5 printed cardstock and place along the inside front of the card. Use pencil to lightly mark the circle cut-out in a few areas. Match up the punch or shape cutter with the pencil marks and cut out a 3 circle on this piece. Place cards together to make sure circles and edges match up. Set aside this is your card lining.

For the spinner, use a cardstock piece or cutout that contrasts with the inside print of the card. Use a 2 circle or heart punch and punch out two pieces. You can make it solid and decorate the pieces or you can use a printed quote and center the design when you are punching it out as in the samples shown. You can also use other shapes as long as it will fit inside the 3 circle cutout.

Place one of the spinner cutouts in front of you with the wrong side up. Lay the dental floss vertically down the middle. Use the clear tape to adhere the floss to the piece, keeping the floss straight. Place double stick on the piece, making sure you go as close to the edges as possible. Take the second cutout and place on, carefully matching the edges. The floss should be sandwiched between the two pieces.

Open the card up. Place the cutout spinner in the center of the cutout circle. Start with the floss coming out from the top of the spinner cutout. Tape the floss to the card along the top edge to hold in place. Because the area is thin, use some of the 5mm tape to do this. Bring the floss downwards and tape to the card with the clear tape. Tape the rest of the floss down to the card in a zig-zag design to create tension. This will keep the floss from pulling straight out of the card.  

Next, pull the floss coming out from the bottom of the spinner taut. Keeping the cutout straight in the middle, tape the floss to the card with the clear tape. Again, tape the floss down in a zig-zag fashion to prevent the floss from pulling out.

Place double stick tape around the four edges of the inside front of the card, but do not remove the protective backing yet. Place short pieces of double stick tape completely around the edge of the circle cutout.

Now, remove the protective backing only from the pieces around the cutout and the top edge of the card. Take the 4 x 5 card lining piece and carefully align the edges and circle with the inside front of the card. Adhere. Now, remove the protective backing from the remaining three sides of the inside front of the card and adhere the whole piece.

Continue decorating the card inside and out as you desire. When you are ready to place the card inside of an envelope, wind the spinner piece up and slip card in. when the card is open, the cutout will spin!

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