Spookie Boo-quet

Glue gun and sticks

7qty. 3/16 x 12 wooden dowels or bamboo chop sticks

 7qty. candy bars/ bags or small bags of cookies (orange bags and purple look nice for this bouquet)

7 pieces of 10x10 tissue paper squares in (7) purple #77899187 and (7) green #77899229

3 qty. 3x1 Styrofoam discs #77963470

Tin quart pail #16067

Clear packing tape and scotch tape

Shreds to match




Candy stick:


1. Place wooden dowel/chop stick on the back side of candy wrapper and adhere with packing tape.

2. Repeat this step to each candy wrapper.

3. Take a 10 square of tissue paper (your choice of color) and fold in half twice. Make a tiny snip at the bottom point making a tiny hole in the center.

4. Repeat step for all tissue paper.

5. Place a stick of candy into the hole of tissue paper. Slide the tissue paper up stopping at approximately one inch from the bottom of the candy.

6. Twist the tissue at the bottom and tape to the skewer.

7. Repeat for all candy sticks.

8. Take the other color of tissue and repeat step #3 then place the tissue under the first piece and tape.




1. Wrap the can with coordinating paper adhere with double stick tape

2. Stack three Styrofoam discs gluing each to one another.

3. Place the stack of Styrofoam into the can and glue to the bottom

4. Stick the candy sticks into the discs.

5. Place shreds at the mouth of the can hiding any exposed Styrofoam


2006 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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