Spring Basket



8.5” x 11” Cardstock
8.5“ x 1.75” Cardstock
Rubberstamps – assorted
Ink pads – assorted colors
Tacky Glue or
Low Temp Glue Gun & glue sticks


With the 8” x 11” cardstock laid out landscape view (horizontally), measure and mark the fold lines as indicated on the diagram: 4” in from the left and right sides and 2” in from the top and bottom edges. Fold in and crease well. (Fig. 1)

Turn cardstock over and randomly rubberstamp designs. Be creative! Stamp until you are happy with the design.         

Turn cardstock over again so that the blank side is facing up. Cut a 2” slit at each dotted line intersecting point as indicated in Fig. 2.

Fold in 2” from the left and right sides, meeting at the fold lines (Fig. 3). Crease well.

Lift all four sides up on the crease lines. Angle the sides and glue the small flaps to the middle section, slightly overlapping the corners (Fig. 4).

Mark the 8” strip ” in from each edge lengthwise. Fold in and glue, resulting in an 8” x ” strip. Rubberstamp a matching design on the smooth side. Measure in ” from each edge and glue to the middle sections across the basket for a handle. Fold in top corner points and glue to inside of basket.

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