Spring Clip


7” Wood Memo Clip #30066953

Leaf Green Acrylic Paint #77626440

Acrylic Varnish ( Clear #77628073 or Sparkle Glaze #77855908)

2 ½” x 7”Green Cardstock

3 ½” x 9” Light Pink Cardstock

3 ½” x 9” Dark Pink Cardstock

3 - 7mm rhinestone gem, color match

Pop Up Dots #30001511

Low Temp Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

Optional: ladybug button




Fiskars Paper Edger – Deckle #77406819


1” Foam brush #10109

Optional: sandpaper #30033492



Remove metal spring from wood clip. Lightly sand wood if necessary. Paint entire wood pieces with the green acrylic paint. Let dry. Brush on a coat of clear acrylic varnish. Let dry. Put clip back together.


Trace and cut out pieces from cardstock according to the patterns.


Use the pencil to curl the petals of the flowers. For each flower, layer two different shades of pink on top of each other and offset the petals.  Adhere layers together with pop up glue dots.


Use the Deckle Paper Edger and trim around the circular flower centers. Layer a small center on top of a large one and adhere with a pop up glue dot. Place a rhinestone in the center and adhere. Place the layered piece in the center of a flower and adhere with a pop up glue dot. Repeat for the two remaining flowers.


The grabber side of the clip is the top. Place the green stem on one side of the clip and adhere. Take each leaf and pinch the middle. (Optional, you can use the sandpaper to distress the edges.) Place the flowers and leaves along the stem as desired. Glue flowers and leaves in place. Stand clip upright and use to hold flowers or memos.


© 2007 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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