Spring Flower Magnet


Pattern and solid papers of your choice

Sugar Coated brads - Doodlebug coordinating colors with papers

Craft Glue dots 30001508

Magnet buttons 3/4in 30043930

Hand punch 1/8in round 77178541

Flower design hand punch 2 sizes (Uchida daisies 30028740, 30043892)

or Ellison Flower die cuts (30071244, 30087465, 30071238) sample used item 30071238.




Step 1: Cut out 2 flowers (1 small and 1 large) use the flower punch or die to cut out flowers from solid and printed paper.=


Step 2: Place the smaller flower on top of the larger flower; punch a 1/8in hole at the center of the flowers. Insert Sugar Coated brads.


Step 3: Use craft glue dot to adhere flower on the magnet button. Ta da…you’re done!




2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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