Spring Frame


7” x 9” Blank MDF Frame #300050860

Acrylic Paint, color match to paper

Acrylic Clear Varnish #77628073

12” x 12” Printed Paper

Wood Knob or similar

4” x 4” Mini Blank Calendar #30055730

12” of  Ό” Sheer Ribbon, color match

Mini Alphabet Stamp set (max. 3/8” height)

Black Ink pad

Double Stick Tape #30013283

Tacky glue #77609850

Photo or printout of quote




Paper Trimmer #30017631


1” Foam Brush #10109

Low temp Glue Gun & Glue Sticks





Remove the glass and backing from the opening on the frame. Place frame upside down on the wrong-side of the printed-paper. Use the pencil and trace the outer edge of the frame and the inside opening. Cut out the frame and opening from the paper. Set aside.


Paint the edges of the frame and the opening with the acrylic paint. Let dry. Brush on a coat of clear acrylic varnish and let dry. Paint the wooden knob with the acrylic paint and let dry. Brush on a coat of clear acrylic varnish and let dry.


Spread a thin layer of glue on the front of the frame. Place the printed paper cut-out on the frame, matching the edges and opening. Smooth out the paper. Trim paper if necessary. Center the wood knob about 1” down form the top on the side of the frame without the opening. Glue in place.


Use the remaining printed-paper and cut into twelve ½” x 4” strips. Use the mini alphabet stamp set and stamp the names of the months on the strips. Use the double stick tape to adhere the strips along the tops of the blank calendars pages, in order.


Slip the ribbon between the pages of the calendar. Place the calendar below the knob and tie the ribbon into a bow and hang from the knob. Slip a photo or printed quote in the frame’s opening.


© 2007 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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