"Spring in My Step" Card



4” x 5” white linen card blank

Smooth white card stock (large enough to stamp three flowers and three shoes)

Hero Arts Vintage Shoes rubber stamp

Hero Arts Pocketful of Posies rubber stamp set

Small “thank you” rubber stamp

2” x 1” rectangle (with scallop edges) paper punch

” Terrifically Tacky Tape

mini sticky pop dots

mini glue dots

Three 6” pieces 22 gauge green art wire

Fine tip green permanent ink pen

Waterproof pigment olive green ink pad

Watercolor pencils






Bamboo skewer

Small paint brush


Using the olive green ink, stamp the flowers and shoes on the smooth white card


Color the flowers and three of the shoes with the watercolor pencils.  Paint over the pencil color with water.

Cut out the flowers and three shoes with a scissors.  Trim off about ”of  the flower stems.

Wrap each piece of wire around the bamboo skewer to form three coils.  Leave about ” of each end of the wire uncoiled.

Cut about ” of tacky tape and attach it to the back of the bottom end of one of the flower stems.  Do the same thing to the other two flower cut outs.

Adhere each flower to one of the wire coils, folding the excess tape around the wire.  Dust the taped area with cornstarch so that it is no longer tacky.

Stick two mini pop dots together and adhere a glue dot to one side.  Place the glue dot side of the double pop dot onto the back of one of the cut out shoes.  Do the same thing to the other two rubber stamped shoe cut outs.

Add another sticky dot to each double pop dot on the shoes and press onto the bottom end of each wire coil so that it appears that the flower on the coil is emerging from the shoe.

Use the scalloped rectangle punch to make a window in the center top of the card blank.

Stamp the ‘thank you’ words just under the punched out window on the card.

Position the shoes with flowers on the inside of the card so that the flowers show in the window.  Press the shoes down firmly and bend the wire coils to adjust the height and angle of the flowers.

Write the words “for the SPRING in my step” in pencil.  Trace over the words with the fine tip green pen and erase the pencil marks. 

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