Stamped Flower Holder
This project courtesy of Delta®. 



Delta Ceramcoat® Acrylic Paint

Fuchsia (2481)

Lime Green (2489)

Deep Lilac (2577)

Delta Stencil Sponges™

Rubber Stampede Decorative Foam Stamps:

Whimsical Rose Head (72022)

Square Checkerboard (72025)

Delta Sobo® Glue

Paint can or desired container

Poster board - white

Paper bowls


Liquid dish soap

Plates or foil for paint

Paper towels

Paint stick or tongue depressor

Double stick tape or glue

Black permanent marker

Disposable foam cereal bowl

                                    Designed by Cheryl Ball


Please take a moment to review all instructions on product packaging before beginning any project.

Pour Fuchsia Ceramcoat paint into the foam cereal bowl until the bottom is covered. Add ¼ to ½ cup of water and a few drops of the liquid soap then thoroughly mix with a craft stick.

Cut the poster board to fit paint can. Insert the straw into the bowl and blow until bubbles are formed. Lay the paper on the bubbles while still blowing until they pop and create a design. Continue until the front of the paper is covered. DO NOT SUBMERGE THE PAPER INTO THE SOLUTION. Try using a different color of bubbles for more depth. Let dry.

To use the Rubber Stampede Decorative Foam Stamp, squeeze out the desired colors of paint on the plate. Tap the flat end of the sponge into the paint and tap off excess. Pounce the paint onto the stamp using a different sponge for each color. Work rather quickly applying the paint. Colors can be blended for depth.

Using the Square Checkerboard, apply Deep Lilac to the first two rows of checks only. Position the stamp onto the bottom edge of the paper and firmly press the stamp. Lift and add more paint for next stamping, continuing the pattern around the base. Refer to photo as needed.

Paint the wood stick Lime Green with the sponge or a brush. Let dry.

Stamp a single flower onto a piece of the plain white paper. When dry, trim with scissors. Attach flower to the stick using Delta Sobo Glue.

Wrap the painted and stamped paper around the container and tape into place. The container can be filled with dirt for seeds and the plant poke inserted. The paper flower can also be personalized if desired.

The card is made from a piece of paper that has soap bubbles painted on it. And stamped with checks to match the can. Use a black permanent marker to write "MOM" on the card.

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