Stamped Hearty Clay Magnet



Black Hearty Clay #77856013

Hearty Clay Color Scale Tool #77856054

Hearty Clay Scissors #77942722

Perfect Pearls – assorted

Small Rubber Stamp

” Button Magnet #77622688

Low Temp Glue Gun and glue Sticks


Note: Sample was made using Dandelion Turtle rubberstamp #30024428



Using the Hearty Clay Color Scale, measure out an “I” ball of Black Hearty Clay. Roll out and flatten into about a 2” wide piece.


Take your rubberstamp and press into the clay. Carefully lift stamp off. You should see an image of your design in the clay.  Pull off some of the clay around the edges to give it a more natural look. You can even let the clay crackle a little for more interest. Roll the excess clay into a small ball and stamp your image again. This time cut out around the image.


Color both stamped pieces by dusting different colors of Perfect Pearls onto the clay.

Place the small cut out piece onto the larger piece. Glue in place for an accent. Let dry. Glue magnet behind larger piece.

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