Starflower Lei


Double Mates double-sided Cardstock in assorted colors for the “flowers”

20 – 24 qty. (approx.) Quarter

5 ft. of 2” Clear Poly Tubing #30012290

Curling Ribbon

Ribbon for bow



Punch Magic Fold-it Punch – Starflower #30081275

Sharp scissors


NOTE: You can lengthen the lei by making more flowers and using a longer piece of tubing. To shorten, just use less flowers and tubing.




Using the Punch Magic Fold-It Starflower Punch, punch out 20 – 24 flowers from cardstock in your color choice. Follow the manufacturer’s folding directions and fold each one into the starflower. Crease well.


Carefully un-fold one starflower. Now, place a quarter in the center. Carefully re-fold each petal of the flower. The petals will puff up a little because of the quarter. When you are done, the quarter will be snug in the center of the flower. Repeat these steps for each flower.


Take the clear poly tubing and carefully slide each flower inside. Take 4” lengths of curling ribbon and use this to tie in between the flowers. Curl ribbon .You can add more curling ribbon if you prefer.


Gather the ends of the tubing and slightly overlap. Tie together securely. Add a bow over the knot if desired.




2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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