Star Mini Book


6 qty. 3” x 6” Cardstock – printed

6 qty. 3” x 7” Cardstock – solid

6 qty. 3” x 8” Cardstock

2 qty. 3” x 4” Cardstock for the Cover

2 qty. ¼” satin ribbon or similar for tie closure

Double Stick Tape


NOTE: You can use a combination of cardstocks, printed and solid. Experiment to get different looks.




Paper Creaser




Take all of the printed 3” x 6” (Small) pieces of cardstock ad fold them in half with the print on the inside. Use the paper creaser to get a nice crease. You should end up with 3” x 6” pieces.


Take the remaining 3” x 7” (Medium) and 3” x 8” (Large) pieces and fold in half the same way. Take the Small folded cardstock pieces and apply double stick along the vertical open edges on both the front and back sides. Get as close to the edge as possible.



Repeat this step with all of the Medium pieces of folded cardstock.


To assemble, take a Small piece and remove the protective strip from the tape. Place the Small piece INSIDE of the Medium piece, aligning the 3” edges together. There should be a slight gap between the folded edges of the two pieces. Repeat with the remaining pieces, creating 6 sets.




Take the Small/Medium set and attach to the Large pieces by adhering to the inside of the Large Piece in the same way. Now you should have 6 complete sets with all three sizes together.


To complete the star shape, take one section and adhere double stick tape along all four edges on the outside of the Large piece. Remove the protective strips and attach to another section, making sure you align the 3” edges. Repeat until you have all 6 sections attached together to form the book.


On one outer side, place a strip of double stick tape horizontally down the middle. Remove protective strip and adhere a 12” length of ribbon, leaving the tail on the open edge of the book. Adhere double stick tape along all four edges. Remove protective strips and attaché the 3” x 4” cardstock for a cover. Make sure you match all of the edges. Repeat with the other side of the book, matching up the ribbon edges.


To form the star, open up the book and tie the ribbons together to hold the shape.  



© 2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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