Star Pin



True Red Hearty Clay #3003 0921

Blue Hearty Clay #7785 5999

White Hearty Clay #3000 6454

Hearty Clay Color Scale tool #7785 6054

Clay Roller set #3002 8375

Clay Cutter – Stars #3002 8378

Pin Back #7712 6987 or #7740 3337

Low Temp glue gun and glue sticks




Using the Color Scale tool, measure out 2 “I” balls of Blue Hearty Clay. Roll clay out into a flat 2 ” circle. Cut out a star shape with the smallest star cutter. Smooth edges and set aside. Repeat with the Blue and White Hearty Clays.


Place the three stars together,  overlapping each one a little. Follow the red, white and blue order. Let dry. Glue pin back onto the back to wear as a pin.

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