Stencil Card


  PINC Stencil SET-BDAY 3X5 10S   



  PINC CHALK-BRIGHT  #30069263


  1 Card 5x7


  1pc white card stock


  1pc 3x31/2”piece of yellow card stock


  POP DOTS 1/2 inches X 1/8 inches

  WHT   #30008288


  Bone folder  #30003774


  DBL STICK TAPE-3/16IN  #30013283





  1. Lay white paper on tip of ice cream stencil design

  2. burnish over design with bone folder making an impression

  3. cut around impression of ice cream leaving about 1/16” of flat white around design (you want to see the impression)

  4. color with chalks as desired

  5. layer design on yellow 3x3 ˝”card stock using pop dots to give more dimensions



© 2006 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.

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