Summer Planner

1 qty. 8 ” x 11” Cardstock color A – outside cover
1 qty. 8 ” x 11” Cardstock color B – inside pockets
2 qty. 4” x 6” Cardstock – light color –planning pages
18” of ” satin ribbon or similar
” Meriken Double sided Tape #30013284
Black Sharpie Marker #91029or similar

Stickers, rubberstamps etc. to decorate planner

Paper trimmer #30017631
” Hole Punch #77178558
Paper Creaser #30003774



Take cardstock A and trim off 1 ” from the 8 ” width. Save this strip. Fold the 7” x 11” cardstock in half, creating the 5 ” x 7” cover. Set aside.


Take cardstock B and trim off ” from the 11” length. From the bottom edge, fold up 1 ”, creating a pocket. Take the 1 ” strip of cardstock A and Line it up along the pocket. Use the double sided tape and tape it to the pocket from the inside.


Fold the piece in half, with the pockets on the outside.


Place the pocket page inside the cover piece. On the front and back covers, measure in ” from the folded edge. Fold to create a crease along the cover, top to bottom. Measure 1 ” in from the top and bottom edges and lightly mark. Use the ” hole punch to make two holes. You may need to do the cover and pages separately if it is too thick for you.


Thread the ribbon through the holes, binding everything together. Tie together at the front and make a bow.


Label the inside pockets with “JUNE” and “JULY”. Write on the front cover “Summer 2010”. On the two 4” x 6” cardstocks, write”What I want to do” and slip one each into the pockets. Use this to record what you want to do each month. Use the pockets to store photos and other memorabilia.

2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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