Sweetheart Charm Bracelet

Project by Lynn



1)  7-1/2” sterling silver or silver plated cable

     chain bracelet with toggle clasp

2)  Five ” fluorite gemstone heart beads

3)  Five 3mm white opal Swarovski crystals

4)  Five sterling silver heart charms (3/8”- 5/8”)

5)  Five sterling silver 1” head pins

6)  Five ” sterling silver jump rings



1)  Two needle nose jewelry pliers




1)  String one crystal and one gemstone heart bead onto each of the head pins.

2)  Following basic wire wrapping method, attach each head pin to the bracelet (spacing them evenly)

3)  With the jump rings, attach four silver heart charms between the gemstone hearts. 

4)  Use a jump ring to attach the last heart charm to the toggle ring.



2007 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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