Sweetheart Fairy


2.5” x 1.5” Flesh Fun Foam
1” x 1” Red Fun Foam
8” x 6” Tulle Netting – pastel color
3” x 6” Tulle Netting - white for wings
3” of 24 gauge wire – silver
3” of 24 gauge wire – color
9” of yarn for hair
6” crochet thread – white for tying
4” of 1/8” ribbon for bow
Black fine point permanent marker
Pin back
Low – temp glue gun & glue sticks


Trace and cut out pieces from fun foam according to the patterns. Set aside.

Take the 8” x 6” piece of tulle netting with the 8” lengthwise. Fold over 2 ½” the whole length. From the folded edge, fold over 1”. You should end up with three layers of netting, 8” long. Gather up the folded edge to form the dress. Tie with the crochet thread to hold ruffles in place. Glue the Head over the gathered edge.

Take the 3” x 6” tulle netting for the wings. Fold the 6” length in half. Fold in half 2 more times. You should end up with a piece 3” x 1.5”. Curve cut the 4 open edges. Unfold tulle netting. Gather up the middle of the netting the whole 6” length. Tie the middle with the crochet thread to hold ruffles in place. Glue to the back of the head for the fairy’s wings.

Take 6” of yarn and fold in half twice. Tie the bundle in the middle with the remaining yarn. Knot twice to secure. Cut the loops of yarn apart. Unravel the strands of yarn. Glue the bundle of yarn to the top of the head for hair. Trim hair as desired.

Twist the two wires together. Curl the wires. Glue the red heart to one end of the wire to from the wand. Glue one arm onto the dress below the head. Glue the wand to the hand, going across the fairy front. Glue the other arm over the wire.

Use the black fine tip permanent marker to make two dot eyes on the face. Make a small bow with the 1/8” ribbon. Glue the bow below the fairy’s neck. Glue the pin back behind the fairy.

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