Sweet Shoppe Candy Dispenser

2 qty. 6 ” x 8 ” Cardstock for box
3 qty. 2 ” x 5” Cardstock for side and back panels (solid or printed) section 1, 3 & 4
1 qty. 2 ” x 4 ” Cardstock for front panel section 2, matching to other 3 panels
1 qty. 4 5/8” x 4 5/8” Cardstock for Box Lid
2 qty. 4 ” x 4 ” Cardstock for Roof Bottom Layer
2 qty. 4” x 4” Cardstock for Roof Top layer
2 qty. 2 ” x 3 ” Cardstock for the Roof Eaves
1 qty. 4 5/8” x 6 5/8” for Bottom Candy tray Stickers, dies etc. for embellishments and sign
2 qty. 1” x 8 ” White Cardstock for Picket Fence

Martha Stewart Score Board #30103578 or similar
Sharp Scissors X-acto Knife #77504092 and cutting mat#30065911
Metal edge ruler #30082675
Pencil 1” Circle Punch #30028719
Big Shot Die Cutting Machine #30083658
Nestabilities die set– Labels One #30099557
Embossing folders (like Tim Holtz Swirls #30103726)
Martha Stewart Border Punch – Fence #30091535

Diagram 1
Diagram 2
Diagram 3
Diagram 4
Diagram 5



Creating the Box-

Refer to the diagram and score the two 6 ” x 8 ” Cardstocks as indicated by the dotted lines: 3” up from the bottom edge, 3” in from the left edge and 6” in from the left edge.

Referring to the diagram again, cut the two pieces where indicated: From the bottom edge, cut the 3” and 6” lines stopping at the 3” horizontal scored line. Snip at the 3” horizontal lines, ” in and remove those sections, creating tabs.

Place the double-stick tape on the two ” tabs. Remove the protective layer from one tab and overlap onto the other piece. Tape together, aligning the edges. Now, all four sections are in line.

Take the 2 ” x 5” panels and center them on the right side of the box on sections 1, 3 and 4. Tape in place.

Flip the piece over so that the wrong side will be facing up. On the wrong side of section 2, use the ruler to mark off a 1”H x 2 ” L section along the bottom fold. Use the X-acto knife and cut out this section. Turn the piece over. With the right side facing up, center the 2 ” x 4 ” panel onto section 2. Match the top edge with the other panels on the other sections. Tape in place. Take the 1” circle punch and slip inside of the opening. Center the punch along the top of the opening. Punch out just half a circle. Refer to the diagram for details.

Fold the ” tab behind section 1 and tape together, forming the four sides of the box. Overlap the four bottom flaps and tape securely together to form the bottom of the box. Set box aside for now.


Box Lid-

Take the 4 5/8” x 4 5/8” cardstock for the lid and score around all four edges ” in. Snip the four corners as indicated to create the tabs.

Fold up edges and tape tabs to the inside, creating the box lid. Trace and cut out the two Eaves for the roof. Fold over all three tabs and place double-stick tape on each tab for each one. Remove the protective covering on the bottom tab (longest). Align on the edge of the box lid and tape in place. Repeat with the other eave on the opposite side of the lid. Optional: Trace this roof portion onto coordinating cardstock and glue in place for a more finished look.

Using the Big Shot die cutting machine and the Labels #1 Nestabilities die, cut out two of the largest and second largest shapes. Optional: Use an embossing folder to emboss the smaller labels.

Center and place the smaller labels onto the larger labels. Tape together. Along one edge of both labels, measure in 3/4” and score. Tape the two scored sections together to form the top of the roof. Align roof on top of the eaves on the lid. Remove the protective covering on the tabs of the eaves and tape roof on.

Place Roof Lid onto the box.


Candy Tray/Yard-

Take the 4 5/8” x 6 5/8” cardstock piece and score along all four edges ” in. Follow the box lid instructions to create the tray.

Optional: Take the 1” strips of white cardstock and punch out a picket fence using the Martha Stewart fence border punch. Place along the outer edge of the tray and tape in place, overlapping and trimming the excess.



Use some small die cuts or stickers to decorate the front of your box above the candy opening. Use punches or dies and make a small “Sweet Shoppe” sign like in the pictured sample.

Place box into the tray. Tape the bottom of the box to the tray if desired. Fill box with wrapped candy and let some spill out into the tray. Refill candy box as needed. 2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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