Sweet Treat Clay Cookies



Hearty clay (brown, yellow, sky blue, true red, purple and white)

Clay Cutters (round, triangle, and heart)

Clay roller kit

Fine glitters

1” Eye pin (silver or gold) for ornament hook

Tacky glue



Small cup of water

Spray sealer

Ziplock bags

Directions for Cookies

Mix clay to create desired cookie color.

Place ” guides in the clay roller and roll Clay. Choose your favorite clay cutter shape and cut out clay. Dip the end of the of the eye pin in the tacky glue, insert the eye pin on the side of the cookie.

Directions for Frosting

Roll white clay or choice of color clay into a small log. Decorate cookie as desired.

Directions for Sprinkles

Using any color clay, roll clay into tiny ball approximately 1/16” to ⅛” and flatten with fingers. Place the tiny sprinkle on the cookie. Be sure to make many different colors sprinkles.

Sprinkle glitter on the cookie before clay dries.

Allow clay to dry approximately 24 hours.

Optional: Spray cookies with spray sealer and let dry. Once dry, spray the other side.



1. If clay is getting dry before putting on the sprinkles, use Tacky Glue to glue sprinkle pieces on the cookies.

2. Keep all clay in airtight Ziplock bags so clay does not dry out.

3. Use water to smooth clay before it dries.

4. You can also use any cookie cutters to create different cookies.

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