Sweet Treats Box
This project courtesy of Fiskars.




Fiskars ShapeCutter™ Tool

Fiskars ShapeTemplate™ Tool - Flowers-1 w/Grass Border

Fiskars Self-Healing Craft Mat 12.5"x12.5"

Fiskars Stamp Paper Edgers

Fiskars Comfort Grip™ Micro-Tip Scissors

Unfinished wood box

Delta CeramCoat Paints - Metallic Kim Gold (#2602) and Dark Forest Green (#2096)

Crackle Medium


Cardstock - white, maroon, tan

Gold paint marker


Craft Bond Glue

Saran Wrap




Sand rough areas on box, if necessary. Brush dust away from surface.

Paint entire surface of box (inside and out) with gold paint. Allow to dry.

Brush a medium coat of crackle medium onto outer surfaces of box (front, back, sides and bottom). Allow to dry.

Apply coat of green paint to same surfaces crackle finish was applied to. Set aside to dry. After box is dry, sand all outer surfaces for a "worn" look.

Cut a piece of tan cardstock to measure 3" x 3". Trim edges using Stamp Paper Edgers. Run gold paint marker along stamp edges to create gold border.

Using ShapeCutter with Flowers ShapeTemplate and craft mat, cut one large circle from white cardstock.

Cut 5 small leaf shapes from maroon cardstock. Adhere leaf shapes to white circle, making sure all points meet in center of circle. Flip circle over so leaf shapes are on side facing away from you, and trim maroon cardstock edges away along edge of white circle.

Cut a piece of Saran Wrap to measure approximately 5" x 5". Lay circle, swirl side down, in center of cardstock piece. Fold two edges over to meet in the center behind circle. Secure to circle using photo stickers. Twist two unsecured edges, resembling a piece of candy. Adhere at a diagonal to tan cardstock piece using craft bond glue. Adhere cardstock piece to center of front side of box.

Lay box down so candy piece is facing up. Using a pencil, lightly outline the word "SWEETS" along the curve of the handle. Once you are satisfied with placement of the letters, trace over pencil marks using gold paint marker. Leave box laying in this position until all pieces are completely dry.

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