Tag Book Fan Clip



14 – 2 1/8” x 4 ” Blank Tags #3000 5438

Ball Chain Key chain silver #3000 6015, gold #3000 6014

Assorted Printed Scrapbook papers

Assorted Solid Cardstock

12 – 2” x 3” Medium Wt. Vellum #7718 8862

Deckle Paper Edger #7740 6819

Alphabet Rubberstamps

Black Ink pad

Fine tip Black permanent pen

Tacky Glue #7760 9875

5mm Double stick tape #3001 3283

” hole punch #7717 8558


Assorted ribbons for embellishment


Embellishments – ex. Flowers, buttons, brads, etc.



Glue a printed paper to one side of a blank tag. Use a sharp scissors to trim off excess paper around the edges. Glue a solid colored cardstock to the other side of the tag, trimming off excess around the edges. Repeat with eleven more tags using an assortment of printed paper designs. Use the ” hole punch to re-punch the holes. Each tag will represent a different month.


Stamp the name of a month onto each of the twelve tags on the printed paper side.


Trim one of the 2” edges of the vellum with the deckle edge paper edger. Place the piece of the vellum on top of the tag over the name of each month, aligning the deckle edge to the straight edge of the tag  without the hole. Tape the opposite edge down to the tag. Take a small piece of matching printed paper and layer over the taped edge. Adhere with glue. This hides the tape. The vellum should flip up like a page. Repeat for the remaining eleven tags.


Take the last two tags and cover with cardstock and printed papers. Make a collage type design by adding  saying and other embellishments.  These will be the front and back covers of your tag book.


Use the ” hole punch to re-punch any holes in the tags. Tie short bits of ribbon through the holes of some of the tags for embellishment. Place the tags in order of the months between the front and back covers, starting with January.


String the ball chain key chain through all of the tags and fasten together. Write the days and names of people’s birthdays onto the vellum for each month.


Optional: Make month tabs by stamping abbreviated names of the months onto cardstock strips. Fold in half and tape or staple to the tops of the tags so that you can find a particular month easily.

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