Thanksgiving Frame



6” x 8” Red Foamie #7761 3604

4 ” x 5” Orange Foamie #7761 3521

2 ” x 3 ” Brown Foamie #7761 3562

” x ” Red Foamie #7761 3604

Red Acrylic Paint #7762 3570

Orange Acrylic Paint 37762 7828

Yellow Acrylic Paint 37762 4874

Green Acrylic Paint #7762 7372

Mocha Brown Acrylic Paint #7762 6390

Foam brush #10109 or sponge

2 – 7mm Moving Eyes #7766 0837


4 – Photo corners #7756 1548

2 – 4” magnet strips #7762 2829

Low Temp Glue Gun & Glue sticks



Trace and cut out pieces from foamies according to the patterns.


Take the four leaf pieces and sponge paint with the red, yellow, orange, mocha brown and green acrylic paints to make

them look like the colors of Fall Maple leaves. Let dry.


Measure out one inch inwards from each corner edge and place a photo corner. Measure to see if the photo corners, when all in place, will hold a 4” x 6” photo. Adjust placements if necessary. Glue in place. Place a painted leaf on each photo corner, placing them in different angles. Glue leaves to photo corners.


Place the moving eyes onto the turkey’s head and glue in place. Place the red gobbler below the eyes and glue in place.

Cut a tiny triangle from the scraps of orange foamie. Place on the gobbler for the beak and glue in place.


Place the head along the top of the frame; glue the neck to the back of the frame. Place the wings below on either side

of the head. Glue in place. Adhere magnet strips behind the frame. Add picture.


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