Tic Tac Toe


4 x 4 x 2 Acrylic Box
3 x 3 Green Felt
10 - Wooden Furniture Buttons
19 Button Magnets extra strong
Green Acrylic Paint
Yellow Acrylic Paint
Red Acrylic Paint
Black Acrylic Paint
White Acrylic Paint
Satin Varnish sealer
Sponge brush
Black fine tip permanent marker
Paper clip
Low Temp Glue Gun & glue sticks


Take the acrylic box cover and turn upside down. First you must draw the playing grid with the black fine tip permanent marker on the inside of the cover. Leaving a 1/8 border all around, you can draw the grid with 1.25 x 1.25 squares. You can draw the lines in any design (squiggly, dashes or solid). You should have a grid with 9 squares.

Take the green acrylic paint and paint the inside of the cover, over the lines. Let dry. Seal with a cost of satin acrylic varnish, let dry. Glue a magnet button on the center of each square on the inside cover. Center the green felt piece over inside cover. Glue to the magnets. Set cover on the side.

BEES: Take 5 of the wooden furniture buttons and paint them yellow, let dry. For each button, take the black paint or black marker and paint the curved face on one end of the button. Using the black marker, draw strips across the button. Draw circular wings on the center top. Draw antennae extending from the top of the face. Using the end of a straightened paperclip, dip dot eyes with white acrylic paint on the face. When dry, dip dot black paint on to the eye whites. Let dry.

LADYBUGS: Take the other 5 wooden furniture buttons and paint them red, let dry. For each button, Take the black paint or marker and draw a curved face on one end of the button. Take the black marker and draw a perpendicular line from the face down the center of the button to make the separate wings. Use the marker to make antennae extending from the face and polka dots on the body. Use the paperclip to paint the eyes as you did for the bees. Let dry.

Place the cover onto the box bottom. Take 9 of the remaining magnet buttons and place onto the cover. Put one button in the center of each square, making sure the magnet clings. Glue a bee or ladybug to each of the magnets. Remove one bug and replace with the last button magnet. Make sure the magnet clings, and then glue the last bug on.

Place the bugs in the box until you are ready to pay a game of tic tac toe. Note: Other designs can be painted on the buttons like hearts vs., stars, etc.

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