Tinkerbell Can



Tin Clear Pail #3005 7743

Tinker Bell Printed -paper  - Green color block #3006 2392

Tinker Bell printed-paper – Flower #3006 2390

Tinker Bell Stickers – Perfect Pixie #3005 5512

Tinker Bell Ribbon & Sliders #3006 2389

Double Stick Tape #3001 3283



Paper trimmer #3001 7631

Fiskars Circle Cutter #7794 1583

Craft Mat #7794 1575

Fiskars Paper Edger – Deckle #7740 6819





From the Flower printed-paper, cut a 2 ½” x 12” strip. Place the strip around the clear pail, leaving the opening centered on one side between the handles. Adhere to the pail with the double stick tape. From the color block printed-paper, cut out one of the designs. (The sample used the “Sweet” blocks from the bottom right corner). Center these blocks over the opening and adhere to the pail.


On the other side of the strip, place the Tinker Bell sticker with the wand onto the can. Add the butterfly stickers as you wish.


Using the circle cutter, cut a 3 ¼” circle form the flower paper. Use the Deckle Paper Edger and trim around the circle. Center and adhere to the lid of the pail. Trim the sheer ribbons to about

2 ½” lengths and tie through the side openings of the ribbon slider “Believe in Magic” Cut ribbon ends at angle. Center and adhere to the lid of the pail.


Fill pail with treats.

© 2007 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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