Treasure Photo Box


1 qty. Photo Cube Carousel #30080218

1 qty. 1” Wooden Ball Knob #77613000

Red Acrylic Paint #77624866

Extra Fine Pt. Deco Color Paint Pen – White #77896613*

Fine Pt. Deco Color Paint Pen – White #77659367*

E-6000 glue #1096239 or similar

Optional: Rub-ons, stickers, etc.

Optional: Matte Acrylic Sealer #77628099


NOTE: Instead of using the Deco Color pens to draw your designs on the box, you can use rub-ons, stickers or even rubberstamping. Sample used Me & My Big Ideas rub-ons #30080542.



1” Foam Brush #10109





Remove the lid of the box and carefully remove all of the plastic sheets in the photo frames. Paint the outside of the box and the lid with the red acrylic paint. Let dry. Paint the wooden ball knob with the red acrylic paint and let dry.


Decorate the box by drawing designs with the Deco Color paint pens. Or as an option, you can use stickers, rub-ons, or even rubberstamping to decorate the box.


After you have decorated the lid of the box, place the wooden ball knob in the center of the lid. Glue in place with E-6000 or similar glue.


After everything has dried, put the plastic sheets back in place. Slip your photos into the four spaces.



2007 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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