Treat Favor Sacks


4 x 6 Printed Paper
3/16 Double Stick Tape #30013283


Paper Trimmer #30017631
Fiskars Paper Crimper #77800227
Paper Creaser #30003774

Note: You can make six treat sacks from one 12x 12 sheet of paper




Take the 4 x 6 piece of printed paper and place it with the printed side down. From one of the 4 edges, fold in 1 3/4 towards the middle. Crease well. Place a strip of the double stick tape along that edge. From the other 4 edge, fold in 1 to the middle. You should be overlapping the first edge. Remove the protective backing from the tape and adhere the edges together, forming a flat tube.


Take the flattened tube and open up one end. Use a little double stick tape to tape the end together. Place this end into the paper crimp and crimp the end about


Open the other end of the treat sack and fill the sack with treats. To close, fold the ends together, perpendicular to the other end. This will make the treat sack triangular in shape. Crimp this end to keep the treat sack closed.



2006 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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