Treat Holder

1 qty. 4” x 10” Piece of Printed or Solid Cardstock
1 qty. 4” x 9” Clear Treat Bag #30086745
12” of ” Satin or Printed Ribbon
” Double Stick Tape #30013284
Treats for bag

Pencil Ruler Paper Creaser#30003774
Sharp Scissors
XL Giga Punch – Scallop Square#30090358 or similar
Medium Corner Rounder #30068369
Stapler and staples


Diagram 1



Starting from the left side and going horizontally across lengthwise, score the cardstock at these points:

3 ”, 4 ” and 8 ” (see diagram.) Crease the scored lines.


Now, turn the paper so that it is vertically long. In the first section A, center the XL Giga Scallop Square Punch. Punch out a square for the window of the Treat Holder.


Take the corner rounder and round the corners on the opposite end. Fold this flap down on the creased line. Staple this flap using two staples equally spaced and about ” from the folded edge. Apply a line of double stick tape straight across the back of this flap, going across the staples. Remove the protective covering and center on the 12” piece of ribbon. Apply another piece of double stick tape across the front of the flap, going across the staples. Bring the ends of the ribbon in and over the tape, tying into a bow at the center.


Fill the clear bag with treats, staying below 3” high. Fold over cello bag and tape down ends to the back. Place bag inside of holder and tape to the inner back of the holder. Fold window front over and tuck in top edge under the flap like a matchbook.

2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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