Treat Holder for 4.5 inch tubes


6 qty. 4.5” Clear tubes #30123060
2 qty. 7 ” x 10” Cardstock for holder
2 qty. 2 ” x 5 ” Cardstock for tube dividers
2 qty. 3 ” x 3 ” Cardstock or printed paper for layered panel w/ cut-out handle
2 qty. 2” x 3 ” Cardstock for front panel – bottom layer
2 qty. 1 ” x 3 ” Cardstock for front panel – top layer 3/16” Double Stick Tape #30013283
Candies to fill tubes
Rubberstamps and ink pads, stickers or other embellishments for front of holders

Doodle Twine (Baker’s twine) and tags to tie onto the tubes

Martha Stewart Crafts Score Board #30103578
Med. Corner rounder #30068369
Paper trimmer #30088131
Pencil & ruler
Sharp Scissors
2” Heart Punch (blue) #30028735 or Big Shot Die cutting machine #30083658 and Classic Heart
Nestabilities #30099563
Swivel Craft Knife #30088122 and Cutting Mat #30065911





NOTE: The following instructions explain how to make one side of the treat holder (Holds 3 tubes). You will make two of holders and attach them together.

Place one of the 7 ” x 10” cardstock on the Martha Stewart Crafts Score Board with the 10” edge along the top. Score at the following points: 2 ” and 3 ”. (Diagram 1)
Now, turn the cardstock so that the 7 ” edge is along the top and the first horizontal scored line is at the 2 ” mark. Score at the following points, stopping at the 2 ” horizontal scored line: ” and 6 ”.
Next, score at the following points, scoring the whole vertical length: 1 ” and 5 ”. (Diagram 2)
Follow the diagram and cut out the areas as indicated, leaving just the BOLD outlines. At section B, leave about ” on either side to make tabs. Angle cut the ends of all tabs, as shown on the diagram. (Diagram 3)
Take the corner rounder punch and round the corners on Section C.
Take the 3 ” x 3 ” piece of cardstock and round the corners. Center and cut out a heart shape “handle” on this piece using either a heart shaped die and the Big Shot or trace a punched out heart and cut out with a craft knife. Center and adhere to Section C on the rounded corner end. Cut heart through Section C as well to create the handle. (Diagram 4)
Take the 2 ” x 5 ” cardstocks and place on the MSC Score Board with the 5 ” edge along the top. Score at these points: 1 ”, 2 ”, 3 ” and 5”. Place double stick tape on the 1/2” section. Fold the piece into a square tube and tape the ends together. Use a pencil and ruler to mark off 1 ” from the left edge of Section C. Align one open end of the tube along the 3 ” creased line and the side of the tube at the 1 ” mark. Adhere to the piece. This is your divider to keep the tubes in place. Place double stick tape to the other side of the tube divider and on the bottom side of the 4 side tabs.  (Diagram 5)
Fold up section A. Fold in the sides of A and adhere the two smaller tabs of section B. Adhere the tabs on section A to section C while adhering the tube divider to the Section A.
Take the 2” x 3 ” and 1 ” x 3 ” pieces of cardstock and round the corners. Stamp or embellish the smaller piece. Center and place on top of the larger piece and adhere. Center and place on the front of the holder and adhere. (Diagram 6)
Repeat the steps to make another holder to match. Place the two holders together, back-to-back, and adhere to make the 6 tube holder. Fill tubes with treats. Optional: Make little tags and tie on to the tubes with Baker’s Twine.



2012 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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