Treat Tube Holder


1 qty. 4 ” x 12” Cardstock
1 qty. 1 ” x 5 ” Printed cardstock
1 qty. 4 ” Clear Treat Tube #30123060
Meriken Double Stick Tape ” #30013284
8” of ribbon to tie on tube
Martha Stewart Crafts Score Board #30103578
Swivel Blade Craft Knife #30088122 and cutting mat #30065911
1” Circle Punch #0028719
Pencil Stamped & Colored images/sentiments for embellishments or stickers
Foam Pop Dots #30008288
Candy for tubes

NOTE: You can make two holders and tape them together into one holder, back to back, as shown.





Place the 4 ” x 12” cardstock onto the MSC score board with the 12” edge along the top. Score at the following points: ”, 2” 4 ” 6” and 8 ”, referring to the dashed lines on diagram 1.
Turn the cardstock so that the 4 ” edge is along the top of the score board. Score at the 1” and 3” points. Then only between the different sections indicated, score at the 1 1/2” and 3 ” points, referring to diagram 1.
Follow diagram 2 and cut away sections as indicated, leaving just the Bold Lines remaining for the outline of the piece. (The dashed lines are the scored lines.)
Next, take the treat tube and place on the first square section A in diagram 3.  Center and trace around the bottom of the tube. Use the swivel blade craft knife and cut out the circle
Take the 1 ” x 5 ” printed cardstock and punch a hole about ” down from one side using the 1” circle punch. Center the piece onto Section D and E and tape in place. Match up the hole with the 1” circle punch and punch a hole at the top of Section E to match. This is the handle for the holder.


To Assemble:
Place double stick tape on the side tabs of sections A and C. Fold section D and E up and bring in side panels of section D.
Tape the side tabs of section C to the side panels of D.
Fold up section B and bring in side panels. Tape side panels B to side panels D.
Fold in side tabs of section A and remove tape covering. Carefully fold down section A and adhere side tabs to inside the holder.
Fill the tube with candy and tie a ribbon near the top. Place tube inside of the holder through the circle cut-out.
Embellish with stamped images or stickers as desired.
Make two holders and tape together back to back for a double holder.



2011 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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