Tropical Glass Vase

1 qty. Glass Block #3008654
1 qty. Tropical Etch Glass etching stencil – your design choice
Etchall Glass etching Crème #30005489
Blue Painter’s Masking Tape #1010339
Rubbing Alcohol

Sharp Scissors
Tropical Etch Pick #30058441
Etching Squeegee #30005494



Prepare you glass block by completely wiping it down with rubbing alcohol. Make sure that the block is completely dry before starting the project.


Following the manufacturer’s directions, apply the Tropical etch stencils to the glass block. You can cut the design apart and reconfigure it to create your own design. Make sure that the stencils have adhered to the glass and smooth out any bubbles.


Pick out the areas of the stencil that you want etched, as stated in the manufacturer’s directions.


Tape all of the edges of the stencil with the blue painter’s tape. This is to prevent any of the crème going on an area you do not want.


Following the etchall manufacturer’s directions. Apply the etching crème to the exposed glass areas that you want etched. Wait 15 minutes, then scrape off crème and place back into the jar. The etchall brand is re-usable.


Thoroughly rinse off the excess crème on the piece. Make sure that you place it under running water or totally submerge the piece in water so that the crème runoff does not go on an area that you do not want etched. After rinsing is complete, dry thoroughly.

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