Turkey Favor


1 – Styrofoam egg (size: 2 5/16” x 3 1/16”) for the body
1 – Styrofoam ball (size: 1”) for the head
1 – Brown chenille stem (pipe cleaner) (size: 1 ” in length) for the neck
1 – Red chenille stem (pipe cleaner) (size: 1” in length) for the waddle
1 – Tan/ Yellow chenille stem (pipe cleaner) (size: ”-1” in length) for the beck
5 – 8 feathers of your choice for the Tail
2 – moving eyes
Brown paint
Paint brush
Glue (clear)
Wire cutter (to cut chenille stems)




1) Cut styrofoam egg in half (length-wise). There will be a smaller and larger end.
2) Paint the styrofoam egg and styrofoam ball. You may need to make more than 2 coats depending upon the texture you would like. Let dry.
3) Pick out 5 – 8 feathers. On the smaller end of styrofoam egg (flat side down) attach the feathers about ” from the edge of the egg in a row to make the tail of the turkey.
4) Cut brown chenille stem (pipe cleaner) to 1 ” in length if not already done so. One side of the chenille stem stick into the styrofoam ball.
5) Cut the red chenille stem to 1” in length if not already done so. Fold the chenille stem in half. Stick the red chenille piece into base of the ball where the brown chenille stem and Styrofoam ball meet. This will be the waddle of the turkey.
6) On the larger end of the styrofoam egg (flat side down), stick the brown chenille stem into this end. This will be the neck and head of the turkey.
7) Glue on the eyes.
8) Cut the tan/ yellow chenille stem to ” or 1” in length (if not already done so.) Fold the chenille stem in half. Stick the tan/yellow chenille piece into the ball, between the eyes and the waddle for the beck.


 If you’d like to add wings, please glue feathers to the sides of the body. You may even consider making the turkey in different colors depending upon your choice.



2010 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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