Turkey Placecard Holder



2” x 4” Brown Foamie

3” x 3” Orange Foamie

3” x 2” Yellow Foamie

3” x 1” Red Foamie

2 – 10mm Moving Eyes

1.75” x 7/8” White Cardstock

Low Temp Glue Gun & Glue sticks


Trace and cut out pieces from foamie according to the patterns.

Place the orange brace perpendicular to the center of the feet. Glue in place. Place the turkey body onto the feet, lining up next to the brace. Glue body to the feet. (Brace should help hold the body up)

Glue the 2 brown foam “lifts” to either side of the turkey body along the edge. Position a wing on each lift to look like it is holding something. Glue wings to the lifts.

Place the feathers in a fan shape for the tail. Place the large red feather in the middle, 2 medium yellow feather on either side. Lastly, place the small orange feather on either side. Glue together. Glue tail behind the turkey body.

Glue the moving eyes to the head of the turkey. Next glue the red waddle under the eyes. Glue the orange beak over the waddle. Write a name or message vertically on the cardstock and slip between the wings.

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