Valentine Illusion Card
This project is courtesy of Fiskars.



Fiskars 12" Portable Paper Trimmer

Fiskars Heart Border Punch

Fiskars 3-in-1 Corner Punch - Hearts

Victorian Borders Stickers (AP150G) Gold by Stampendous

Cardstock - Dark Pretty Pink, Light Heritage White and Medium Berry Red by WorldWin

Photo stickers

Glue pen

Directions for the Card

1.  Cut a piece of Light Heritage White cardstock 5" x 11". Fold in half to form a card.  

2.  Cut four 1" squares out of Medium Berry Red cardstock and four 1" squares out of Dark Pretty Pink cardstock. 

3.  Cut all squares in half corner-to-corner to create 8 triangles of each color (see Diagram A).  Tip: You can draw a line from corner to corner as in Diagram E or you can cut the squares in half using a ruler and razor knife.)

4.  Adhere four triangles (2 of each color) together to form a square (see Diagram B).

5.   Repeat step 4 to create a total of four squares.  

6.  Adhere the squares together as shown in Diagram C. (tip; no matter how hard you try it is almost impossible to cut the triangles exact every time. After you get the squares adhered together take a moment to even up the sides if need be.)

7.  Cut a 3"square of white cardstock. Center and adhere the square onto the card front of the card as shown in Diagram D.

8.  Cut a 2" square out of Dark Pretty Pink cardstock. On the back draw lines from corner to corner (see Diagram E).

9.  Punch one of the corners with no line using the 3 in 1 Heart punch (five heart design)

10.  Rotate the square 90 degrees and punch the opposite corner (see Diagram F).

11.  Cut the square into two triangles using the line you drew in step 7.

12.  Place one of the triangles into the heart border punch. Align the tip of the triangle with the center grid mark on the border punch and punch (see Diagram G).

13.  Repeat step 11 with the other pink triangle.  

14.  Repeat steps 8-11 using Medium Berry Red cardstock.

15.  With right sides down, lay the punched triangles together and adhere together with clear photo stickers (see Diagram H).

16.  Center and adhere punched design onto the card. Apply stickers to the card front as shown in card example.

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Diagram A

Diagram B

Diagram C

Diagram D

Diagram E

Diagram F

Diagram G

Diagram H