Vintage Glass Button Bracelet

 This bracelet uses six vintage glass buttons, but if you can’t locate any at your local thrift or antique shop, you can just use clear buttons from a fabric store and the bracelet will still look like an icy winter day. The heart link chain and clasp would make this bracelet suitable for Valentine’s Day especially if you use red heart buttons.


1) Six inches (or ”less than the desired finished length of bracelet) of ”heart chain (sterling silver)

2) One ” sterling heart toggle clasp

3) Six ” two-holed, no-shank, vintage, clear glass buttons

4) Six 9mm sterling silver jump rings

5) Two 5mm sterling silver jump rings



1) Two round nose jewelry pliers




1) Using the two 5mm jump rings attach the toggle clasp to the ends of the chain.

2) Open the 9mm jump rings and pass them through one hole in each button.

3) Evenly space and attach the buttons to the bracelet using the jump rings.



1) Be sure that the buttons you choose are not too thick for the jump rings.

2) A round link chain and circular toggle clasp would also look good with the buttons.




2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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