Washi-Covered Bead Bracelet


7 – 8 qty.* 20mm Wooden Beads – Natural #30073402

7- 8 qty.* 12mm Wood Pony Beads – Walnut #30000705

7 – 8 qty. 2 ” x 1 ” Washi Paper to cover beads

1 qty. 24” of Clear Stretchy Cord #30004181

Royal Coat Clear Decouage finish #77648964


Note: The sample shown used 8 beads of each size. The quantity will depend on how large you want to make your bracelet.



Sharp Scissors

Stylus or similar

1” Foam Brush #10109




Place the washi paper piece on a flat surface with the wrong side facing up. Spread a thin layer of decoupage glue on to the washi paper. Place the wooden bead at the edge of one side. Carefully roll the paper around the bead. Cover the bead with more of the decoupage glue coating. Smooth the surface of the paper on the bead so that there is a minimum of wrinkles. Tuck the side edges of the paper into the holes of the bead. Use the stylus or the tip of the scissors to press the paper along the inside of the bead’s hole. Make sure that the bead hole is not obstructed. Let the bead dry. Repeat for all of the beads you want to cover.


Take a 24” of clear elastic stretchy cording. Fold in half. String the washi paper beads onto the cording. Alternate between a covered bead and regular wooden bead. Check to see if the bracelet fits your wrist. Tie both ends of the cording together securely with a couple of knots. Trim off the excess cording and hid e the knot inside a bead.  



2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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