Waterfront Deco Mesh Wreath


1 straw wreath any size
1 floral wrapper roll, your choice of color
Greening pins #77479485
Sea shells
Glue gun and glue sticks
Floral wire for hanger
Wire cutters



Unroll some of the floral wrapper. Gather the end together. Secure the gathered piece to the straw wreath form with 2 or 3 greening pins.
Have the wrapper come up and over the pinned gathered spot. Gather the floral wrapper at about 8”-10” from the start, depending on how poufy you want your wreath. Pin the gathered section to the wreath, closely to the first pinned area. This is to hide the ends.
Move about 8”-10” down the roll and gather the floral wrapper. Pin to the wreath about 2” away from the first pinned gathered bunch. Continue gathering bunches of floral wrapper and pinning to the wreath. You can follow a zigzag pattern to cover the wreath or make several rows along the wreath form. The idea is to fully cover the wreath.
When you get to your last spot to cover, gather about 12” of the floral wrapper and cut from the roll. Flip the ends of the wrapper inward and pin to the wreath, again to hide the ends.
Look over the wreath and re-pin any uneven areas.
Add Sea Shell decoration between the poufs of the floral wrapper using glue gun to complete the wreath. Slip floral wire around wreath, twisting together at the back to form a hanger.



2013 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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