Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve


Sleeve template (you can use a cardboard sleeve from a local coffee house)
Antique white felt, sku: 77677559
Cocoa brown felt , sku: 77677096
Red felt , sku: 77676619
Sharp scissors
Embroidery floss #838 and #712
Hot glue or Fabri-Tac, sku 1369347
Buttons or other embellishments




Using sharp scissors and your template cut felt (you can trace it with pencil)
Thread floss onto needle (I doubled it, but you don’t need to). Whip stitch around the edges of the felt. Start and finish on the ends..glue the ends overlapped when you are finished stitching and add buttons or other embellishments.
Cut out a square from brown felt and whip stitch the same way and glue to outside center of felt sleeve.
Cut out a heart from the Felties, or use pre-cut ones. Glue around the point and edges of the heart and stick onto the brown square. This will leave the top of your heart open to put your little love note in!!
Type or stamp words on paper, cut in a strip and stick it in your heart.
Grab a latte and present to the one you love.


* OR…Make the square on the sleeve into a gift card pocket!!



2013 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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