Whimsy Ornament


2” x 3” Orange Foamie #7761 3521

2” x 2” White Foamie #7761 3612

1” x 2” Blue Foamie #7761 3489

1” x 1” Yellow Foamie #7761 3505

1” x 1” Light Green Foamie #7761 3570

1” x 1” Red Foamie #7761 3604

2 – 10mm Moving eyes #7766 0902

Black fine tip Permanent marker #7753 1954

8” of thin cording or ribbon for hanger

Low temp glue gun and glue sticks



Trace and cut out all pieces from foamie according to the patterns.

Place the hat on the top third of the head and glue in place. Place dots on the hat and glue in place. Glue the star to the tip of the hat.

Place the 2 moving eyes on the face below the hat. Glue in place.

Using the black marker, draw in a squiggly smile below the eyes. Glue a red heart to each end of the smile.

Use the black marker to draw in the detail lines on the green bow. Glue the bow to the chin, below the smile.

Tie the ends of the thin cording or ribbon together. Glue knotted end behind the top of the hat for an ornament hanger.


2006 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.

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