Wooden Animal Rack

Wooden Animal rack - #30100437
Green acrylic paint - #77716621
3 other colors of acrylic paint
Cashmere tan felt - #77676767
Sizes: 4”x4”, 2”x2.5”
Antique white felt - #77677559
Sizes: 4”x4”, 2”x2.5”
Coco Brown felt - #77677096
Sizes: 3”x3”, 1/2” x 6” strip
Mini Straw Hat - #77502146 5
7mm moving eyes Pink Scribbles - #77527754
Black Scribbles - #77528091
DMC Floss #801: 10 strands for 2” strips
Polyfill (small amount)
3 to 6 Buttons in different shape, size and color

Glue Gun
Glue Sticks



Trace and cut felt according to pattern. Start by painting grass area green, then paint each flower different colors of choice.


Place and glue cashmere felt on body of horse then glue face. Trim as needed. Glue the other animals body shapes then glue on the face. Trim as needed. You can use the picture as a guide.


Glue Polyfill to sheep’s body, work on small areas at a time.


Using approximately 10 strips each, cut DMC floss into 2-inch strips and glue to tail area and mane. Add felt hooves to all animals from the coco brown felt piece. Take straw hat, glue to head of horse. After glue dries, trim back of hat so plaque can lay flat on wall.


Glue moving eyes to faces of animals.


Taking black Scribbles, draw a mouth on each animal. Then using the pink Scribbles, smudge small amount in inner ear area of sheep and cow.


Glue buttons to top of flowers. .

2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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