Wooden Christmas Ornament


Wood Snowflake Ornament #3002 8834

Blue Acrylic paint

White Acrylic paint #7762 4882

Red Acrylic paint #7762 4866

Black Acrylic paint #7762 4890

Orange Acrylic paint

1” sponge brush #7752 7499

Scruffy brush #7757 7015

Stiff brush or toothbrush

Liner brush

Acrylic Matte varnish #7762 8099

Wood Sealer #7785 5619


Note: The sample was made using Laguna Blue Ceramcoat paint #762 7539 and Bittersweet Orange Ceramcoat #7762 7810


Remove the twine hanger and set aside. Apply a coat of sealer allover the wood ornament. Let dry.

Paint the entire ornament with the blue paint. Let dry. Using the scruffy brush, dab the white paint into a 1” circle at the bottom of the snowflake. Leave the edges feathery. Let dry. This is your snowman’s face.

Using the back end of the liner brush handle, paint dip dot eyes in black onto the snowman’s face. Let dry. Add tiny white dots to the eyes. Let dry.

Use the liner brush to paint a small heart on either side of the face, below the eyes for cheeks. Let dry. Use the orange paint and liner brush to paint an elongated triangular “carrot” nose below the eyes. Use the back end of the liner brush handle to make 5 small black dots below the nose for a “coal” mouth.

Dip an old toothbrush or stiff brush into the white paint. Use your finger against the bristles to splatter the white paint around the edges of the snowflake for a snowy effect. Let dry. Loop the twine hanger back onto the ornament.


2006 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.

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