Wood Letter Decor


Basic Materials:

12" Wood Letter (your choice) –"B" #30039967

12" x 12" Paper – EK Success "Tropical Palms" #30049466

Mod Podge – Gloss #77501684

Glue Gun Mini Low Temp #30005997

Glue Sticks Mini #77533547

Scissors, Pen, Paint brush/Foam Brush


Accessory Materials: (Anything can be used to substitute)

American Crafts Elements Ribbons: (Can use any coordinating colors)

          Uptown Orange #30048957

          Uptown Coral #30048956

Penny Black Stickers (Ladybug) – Bugs #10-081 #30042576

Applique Patch – Girl Bear Pink #30047950

Slide Frame – Yellow #30024547

Stickles Glitter Glue:

          Crystal #30014975

          Yellow #30014979

          Icicle #30014981

Gerbera Daisy 24" RT-White #30039646


Wood Letter Instructions:

  1. Turn 12' x 12" pattern over to backside.

  2. Turn over wood letter, so right side of letter is on backside of pattern paper.

  3. Trace wood letter onto paper and cut out.

  4. Brush on Mod Podge glue to front of wood letter.

  5. Place traced paper letter onto wood letter and smooth out, let dry.

  6. Embellish letter as desired.


Embellishment Instructions: (using pictured embellishments)

  1. Cut multiple ribbons, about 4" long. (cut enough to cover one side of letter)

  2. Twist or bend ribbon, then glue down to wood letter with glue gun.

  3. Cut Gerbera Daisy close to flower base then glue gun down to top of letter.

  4. Glue down Girl Bear applique patch to bottom of letter.

  5. Add Penny Black Ladybug sticker to middle of letter.

  6. Glue picture to one half of Yellow Slide Frame, then glue down to letter.

  7. Using Stickles Glitter Glue – “Yellow & Icicle” scribble lines and hearts onto slide frame.

  8. Drop Stickles Glitter Glue – “Crystal” onto middle of palm trees on pattern paper.

  9. Let glue dry before handling letter.


Other suggestions for decorating letter:

  1. Paint letter with Delta Ceramcoat Acrylic Paints.

  2. Glue any type of fabric trimmings on side of letter.

  3. Glue Jesse James Shaped Buttons to letter.

  4. Glue Flat Back Swarovski Crystals to letter.

© 2005 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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